Care Concierge

The Care Concierge is a 24x7 service for parents and staff. They are experts at hand-holding families through the mental health care process. They navigate insurance, look at availability and wait time of resources, and help families schedule appointments with local and trusted mental health resources. The purpose of this program is so that families and district staff do not have to do the heavy lifting required to search and call.

How to Initiate a Warm Hand-off:

Step 1. Determine whether the family in need of resources if they would like Care Solace to help them find resources and book an appointment with mental health professional(s).

Step 2. If the family says yes, send an email to with the following information:

  1. Your title/position in the school;
  2. General background information regarding the student;
  3. The primary language spoken by the legal guardian;
  4. The contact information of the legal guardian. See below for an example email.

NOTE: If the family says no to a phone call, share with them the Care Solace 24x7 email and telephone number and give them the Care Solace district link to the platform.

Example of Warm Hand-off Email:

Subject: Warm Hand-off to Care Solace

Good morning:

I am a psychologist with a family who has requested resources for mental health services for the family, including the student. The student is 13 year old female with anxiety. Parents are Spanish speaking only. Mother is aware of your call. Her name is Jennifer Jones, and her number is (123) 456-7890; her email is Attached is a copy of a release of information between Care Solace and the family.

Thank you.

Ms. Jane Doe
School Counselor
Fantastic Middle School
(987) 654-3210 ext: 1234

Care Concierge Follow Through:

  • Average response time to Warm Hand-off email is 15 minutes
  • If we cannot reach a parent, we will continue to attempt contact for 14 days. This means we will try whatever pathways of contact are available and appropriate, e.g. text, email, and phone.
  • Updates back to the staff at a minimum 2 times a week letting them know where the family is in the process.
  • After confirmed appointment, we follow up one month into care to hear the families experience and check with them if additional services are required. We update district staff again at that time.

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